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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with my course?

After logging in, you will see Limitless Manifestation, Higher Journey, and Total Embodiment Meditation. Please click on the course you purchased (each is a separate purchase). Then you will see welcome text and a list of lessons. Click on the first lesson to watch the video, and after finishing you can advance to the next lesson. You may keep track of your progress by tapping the “Mark Complete” button after a video has finished. You can rewatch each course video as many times as you wish, and you have lifetime access to these videos.

Where can I download MP3s of the courses?

In the first lesson, beneath the video player, there’s a link to a downloadable ZIP archive containing all MP3s for that course. To download just one MP3 at a time, click on the “Materials” tab above each video player to view a link to the MP3 audio version of that video.

Page says I’m signed out, despite having logged in.

You may be trying to access a course you have not purchased. (For example, going to Limitless Manifestation when you only purchased Total Embodiment Meditation). The SoulHub portal serves all our customers and therefore all three courses are visible, but each is a separate purchase.

In some cases, especially Chrome browser on Android, it may be a cookies/cache error. Please clear your browser’s cookies/cache and restart your device. On an iPhone or iPad, this can be done by going to Settings → Safari → Clear History and Website Data → (confirm). And then log in as above.

Do I need to keep paying to access my course?

You have lifetime access to the 30+ main course videos, no further purchase necessary. The only part that has recurring payments is if you wish to continue the Daily Live Meditations beyond the 90 days of access that comes with the Total Embodiment Meditation course.

How do I access the Daily Live Meditations?

Total Embodiment Meditation includes the option of participating in 90 days of Daily Live Meditations with Richard Haight himself, starting the day you purchase the course. Meditations are held every day at 7 a.m. Pacific time. You will see the link to the daily live meditations page at the bottom of your course menu. The first two videos on the meditation page will help you get started with configuring your device for Zoom. Underneath that you will see the link to join in, “Join Live Meditation Session.” For those who are unable to attend the live meditation we also offer an on-demand recording of each day’s session for up to 24 hours after, which is the third video down. And following each day’s live meditations are the Waterjug Chats, which is the fourth video down.

How do I extend Daily Live Meditations beyond 90 days?

When the 90 days of live meditations are up you will be redirected to a page that gives you the option to renew, via subscription. Your actual membership with SoulHub however is lifetime access, so you can revisit any of the videos in the course as many times as you need. Live meditation subscription rates are $29 per month,  $69 per quarter, or $199 per year and will renew automatically once purchased; please email us at if you wish to cancel a subscription.